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Listen Now Mark Frentz interviewed by Jarek Bucholc

There are many skills that separate great investors from those who simply dabble with real estate for a bit and then move on. One of the most important is learning to take responsibility for what is in your control and not taking any for what is out of your control. More




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We are building a culture of recognition not only a money making machine. Together we can realize all our goals to share & educate our fellow investors.

We need you! We are constantly looking for real estate experts who want to be in our pool of quality speakers. You will be a part of our webinars, seminars & other future events that can surely bring out the best in you in sharing quality information to our members & guests.

All events are recorded & shared in our website & other social media platforms to increase recognition. This can be a mutually beneficial for us. We would like to be your partner to help spread the good news to our colleagues. If you have other concern please call me. I will happy to address your queries.

To our shared success!

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Imagine having access to a list of reputable pre-foreclosed properties before
it’s released in the market.

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