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Private Lending - How to Earn 5% to 16% without Dealing with Tenants

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Private Lending - How to Earn 5% to 16% without Dealing with Tenants


Steven Loewer
Steven Loewer is the Vice President of Finance at Castle Mountain Properties Ltd. (CMP) a private real estate investment firm in Calgary. Steven’s chief role is to obtain financing for CMP’s commercial acquisitions and portfolio of projects, and he also originates, underwrites and administers a portfolio of private mortgages. Because CMP is both a lender and an owner, they can typically structure deals that most private lenders would not consider. Steven’s core talent lies in his ability to analyze complex real estate transactions and find creative solutions.Steven’s extensive real estate knowledge and experience started when he was young working with the family rental properties. After buying his first rental property while still in his teens, Steven could clearly see the benefits of investing in real estate. Steven received his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Haskayne School of Business in 2007 and has continued to develop his skills and knowledge base in various areas of real estate including real estate development, commercial and private lending.Steven, his lovely wife Alita and their 2 children currently reside in Calgary and are very active in their local church.

Are you sick of dealing with tenants, or does the thought getting plugged toilet calls at   
 2 am frighten you?  Private Mortgage Lending allows you to benefit from the security of real   
 estate without all the hassles of tenants and full time property management.  You become the  
 bank! We will discuss the ins and outs of Private Mortgage Lending and how to fund your first  
 deal within 30 days!   Don't miss this educational seminar where we will demystify the world   
 of private mortgage lending.

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