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Rent to Own (Lease to Own) - Marketing

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Rent to Own (Lease to Own) - Marketing


Matthew Tamburello
Matthew has been recognized for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in real estate. Following his family into the real estate industry, he was instrumental in implementing a significant portfolio in his hometown of Mississauga. He studied architecture, property management and lease options in Toronto and specializes in contract legality, fiscal analysis and negotiations. With a strong community presence, he has solidified a name within niche investment and networking groups. Matthew's long term mission is to offer solutions to real estate matters with integrity, honesty, and due diligence while providing superior customer service.

" Over the years we have run our Rent-To-Own program, we have helped many people help themselves to go from renting a property, to owning their own home. While we treat our Rent-To-Own program as a profitable business, it is also our pleasure to help people achieve their dream of home ownership; we feel it is a way we can give something back to the community. "
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100% Educational CanadaREIC Webinar: Rent to Own (Lease to Own) with Matthew Tamburello.

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