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GuideTo Surviving a Tought Real Estate Market

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GuideTo Surviving a  Tought Real Estate Market


Michael Ponte
Michael Ponte is the founder and President of Prosperity Real Estate Investments Ltd. He is a real-estate investor and entrepreneur who specialize in the acquisition, renovation and appreciation of numerous properties in the Canadaian market place. Michael believes in turning under valued properties into prosperous investments, for the benefit of investors, tenants and communities. Since 2001 Michael has built the Prosperity brand into a diversified investment and management company. Prosperity Real Estate Investments currently own over $20 million in cash-flowing real-estate assets primarily in residential and multi-family properties. A member of the Real-Estate Investment Network (R.E.I.N.), Michael has gained immeasurable knowledge and experience in building wealth and, ultimately, financial independence through real estate. Michael’s success has also been recognized by REIN where he has been awarded for Top Player in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011. In addition, Michael Ponte was recently awarded the Top Interprovincial Investor Award by the Canadaian Real Estate Magazine. Michael is a regular contributor to the Canadaian Real Estate Magazine and shares much of his knowledge and experience for the purpose of assisting others to become successful in their real estate acquisitions. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Michael holds a B.Com. Degree from British Columbia Institute of Technology and has held several successful management positions with large fortune 500 companies. He is also a speaker at real estate and business groups throughout British Columbia. He also dedicates his time and energy by coaching new and seasoned investors trying to take their real estate business to the “next level”. A devoted family man married for 10 years, Michael is committed to ensuring his family's well being through the security of real estate. His ethical approach to investing is complemented by his experience,integrity and sincerity that has proven time and again to his many satisfied investors that the Prosperity team is dedicated to seeing their clients’ investments flourish.

Guide To Surviving a  Tought Real Estate Market

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