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Asset Protection & Risk Management

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Thomas Thurmeier
Thomas is a corporate commercial and real estate lawyer practising in Calgary, Alberta, as a partner with the Small Business Legal Centre (SBLC). Prior to co-founding SBLC Thomas was in private practice and in-house counsel for the City of Calgary acting in litigation, land and development, real estate, and commercial leasing.

After practising law in Alberta for approximately 14 years, Thomas has a varied experience including:

• Residential and commercial real estate purchases, sales, & refinances
• Corporate and other structures for the purpose of investing in real estate
• Acting for private lenders
• Leases, Options to Purchase, Rights of First Refusal, and other interests in land
• Wills & Estates
• Land Development
• Joint Venture Agreements
• Corporate and commercial matters including asset or share purchases & sales and Unanimous Shareholder’s Agreements

Thomas’ practice over the last 10 years has focused primarily on real estate, corporate and commercial matters including the typical concerns of real estate investors in starting, building, and protecting their portfolio of assets. In particular Thomas has acted for numerous individuals and entities who wish to invest in real estate in one form or another with an emphasis on the structure of the portfolio and any specific transaction.

Asset Protection & Risk Management.  This two hour course will discuss some of the important topics in structuring your holdings in order to minimize liability and taxation.  From the tools of a personal asset protection plan to some of the key features of transactions any real estate investor will be interested to consider.  Topics include investment structure, co-ownership, joint ventures, shareholder agreements, mortgages, guarantees, and financing concerns.  The principles of this course will apply to all investors as tools for their personal situation as they consider future deals.

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