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7 Challenges for Landlords in a Down Market

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Bill Biko
Bio - Bill Biko - "The Educated Landlord" has been an active landlord for well over a decade and during that time has packed more enough experience in for a couple dozen landlords. Through rooming houses, to rent to owns, furnished rentals, regular suited properties and more Bill has had around 1,500 tenants which has made him a master of systems and a master of evictions. His experience has been his education, and you’ll be hard pressed to find many others with as much experience, or education!
Bill has been sharing his local knowledge of evictions via his www.AlbertaEviction.com and he’s been assisting landlords around the world though his www.TheEducatedLandlord.com website with articles, training and courses. You can find out more about him by visiting either site.

Bill will cover 7 of the issues that are currently affecting landlords during this downturn including tenants giving notice and extended vacancies. He will elaborate the 7 tactics to help you deal with the challenges.

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