How I Reduced My Income Taxes By 68%

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Chris Burylo with Jarek Bucholc
Chris Burylo is the Managing Partner of Pinnacle Accounting, a division of Pinnacle Equities Ltd. In his 10
years in the business, Mr. Burylo has developed advanced disciplines in areas of tax and investment
planning for individuals and corporations. Mr. Burylo completed his degree in Accounting from the
The University of Calgary, all the pertinent coursework of the CFP in 2008, his CMA designation in 2013,
and various additional coursework in areas of securities, insurance, taxation. During his career, Mr. Burylo
has successfully built accounting/corporate finance firms and is often solicited for assistance in areas
of securities design. He regularly speaks on topics such as ‘Managing your Corporation’ and prepares
presentations and published materials regarding the tax planning of investment holdings.

Chris Burylo interviewed by Jarek Bucholc

Real estate tax wizard, Chris Burylo, discusses strategies around optimizing your tax plan. We’re going to learn about some hidden treasures in the income tax act that could assist you immediately. Regardless of your level of expertise, you’re bound to learn something interesting and practical.

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