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Benefits and risks to Tenants and Investors of RTO

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Zach Cahill
Zach grew up in London Ontario where he attended Fanshawe College and graduated the highly competitive Paramedic Program. After graduation he was employed straight out of College with Manitoulin Sudbury Emergency Service.

He was introduced to Rich Dad Poor Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki and the rest was history! He became fascinated by the idea of creating passive income through real estate and read/listened/ to everything he could on the entire topic of real estate. Not only that, he was introduced to famous motivational mentors such as Jim Rohn, Les Brown and Zig Ziglar.

He made the decision to become financial free through buying cash flowing multi family apartments and to use a Rent to Own strategy to generate the cash needed to purchase these buildings.
Zach Cahill interviewed by Jarek Bucholc 
Zach will share benefits and risks to Tenants and Investors of RTO
investment strategy and why it is appealing to so many investors
including himself. How and Why he started Rent Live Own? How he gets leads and plan to expand to future market.



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