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Webinars Jarek Bucholc ||Street Smart RE InvestingJarek Bucholc ||Street Smart RE Investing   Updated November 07, 2018 665   1   1   0   0   0
Joe Migadel interviewed by Jarek Bucholc Joe will share his humble beginnings in Real Estate, the strategy that works best for him, how he markets for more leads/ deals & tips he can share to those wanting to be a part of real estate community.
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What You REALLY Need To Know About Rent To Own #2 with Guy Lew
Webinars Maureen DivinagraciaMaureen Divinagracia   Updated August 28, 2015 1989   1   2   0   0   0


Guy Lew
Underwriting guidelines for Rent To Own - What lenders are looking for in Mortgage Underwriting After attending Webinar #1, you are now prepared to go into more detail about a file and how to put together a rent to own deal. This is taking an application and analyzing income, debts on a credit bureau and sizing up the opportunity in knowing if this is the right tenant buyer and home to invest into. We will be looking at what size of down payment should be required, debt elimination and credit rebuilding that will be required for all National Insurers to approve the exit high ratio mortgage in the future. We will be looking in detail of the underwriting rules of rent to own for wording on contracts and minimum beacon score. The length of the program will be looked at and how past debts, consumer proposal or bankruptcy would determine the time to exit a program. You will also get to learn how to price out a deal and how to calculate how much cash flow can be made on the deal and your rate of return.
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